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South India’s first Vande Bharat completes a trial run, PM Modi to flag off the train on November 11

The Indian Railways successfully conducted the trial run of South India’s first Vande Bharat Express from Chennai to Mysuru via Bengaluru on Monday. Prime Minister

admin admin November 8, 2022
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India pushes for early completion of the Trilateral Highway from Northeast to Cambodia

India has once again stressed the need for early completion of the India-Myanmar-Thailand Trilateral Highway - and its extension to

admin admin August 7, 2022

Becoming a green transporter! Indian Railways introduces India’s First Aluminum Freight Rake

Union Minister for Railways Ashwini Vaishnaw inaugurated India’s First Aluminum Freight Rake – 61 BOBRNALHSM1 at Bhubaneswar Railway Station on

admin admin October 22, 2022

Chenab railway bridge will soon bring all-weather connectivity to Kashmir: Ministry of Railways

Srinagar, Jun 23: Ministry of Railways on Thursday said that the world's highest rail bridge, which is being built across

admin admin March 18, 2022

Central Vista: Efforts underway to hold Winter Session in New Parliament building

With just a few months left before the final deadline, efforts are underway to make the new Parliament building under

admin admin August 11, 2022

Vivo directors flee from India as ED intensifies searches

Vivo India directors Zhengshen Ou and Zhang Jie left the country as the Enforcement Directorate intensified its inquiry into the

admin admin March 18, 2022